CREST - Bringing Clarity to the Second Half of Life

Prairie Group 1 Cohort
Launched November 2-5, 2015

People at mid-life have experience, a network of connections, and assets that can propel them into the best years of their life. Yet many are simply very busy, feel frustrated, and experience an intense longing for something more. The CREST program is designed to help people understand what is going on in mid-life, reflect on God's initiative in their lives, and identify the intentional shifts they can make to respond to Him and pursue maximum effectiveness in the second half of life.

The Midlife Issue: Frustrated, Floating, or Flourishing?

Research shows that your best contribution will likely come after age 40. But less than one third actually make their significant contribution. Watch the video about the following diagram and learn why mid-life matters.


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The CREST Program

CREST is a two-year program that will prepare you to make your best contribution. It will help you find the clarity you need about yourself to make confident decisions amidst the complexities of life and the clarity you need about your leadership and personal influence to flourish as God intends.

Year 1 - Personal Clarity: Leadership influence comes from this foundation. ($2,500)
Year 2 - Leadership Clarity: There are better ways to lead. ($3,000)

Each level includes 3 intensive Encounter retreats and 4 personal coaching sessions spread over the course of a year.

The CREST acronym stands for Clustered, Relational, Experiential, Spiritual, over Time. Men and women meet together three times a year for two years. Through a process of self-reflection, rethinking paradigms, and revisioning life purpose, participants embrace deep life changes and even deeper commitment to God. For more information visit

Is CREST for Me?

CREST isn't just for pastors and leaders. While most people who sign up hold some kind of leadership position, it is certainly not limited to them. We believe that everyone is called by God and everyone experiences similar mid-life issues that require reflection and behavioural shifts to move towards maximum effectiveness. Participants are typically in their mid-30s or older, but there is no upper age limit. For more information contact Shawna at



Prairie Group 1 Cohort

Retreats will be held on campus as follows. Sign up now!

#1: November 2 – 5, 2015
#2: February 22 – 25, 2016
#3: June 13 – 16, 2016
#4: November 7-10, 2016
#5: February 27- March 2, 2017
#6: June 12-15, 2017

Each Encounter begins with dinner on Monday and finishes before lunch on Thursday.

For more information visit or contact Shawna at



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