Distinguished Alumni

Each year Prairie honors an alumnus whom their peers have determined to be a representative of Prairie's values. 

Do you know someone who may qualify for Prairie's Distinguished Alumnus award?

Nominees must:

  1. Be a graduate of one of Prairie's schools.
  2. Have made a significant long-term contribution to the cause of Christ.
  3. Have demonstrated personal spiritual commitment, endurance and a willingness to personally sacrifice in reaching the world for Christ.

Contact the Alumni Office at alumni@prairie.edu or mail to:

      PO Box 4000, Three Hills, AB  T0M 2N0.

Include the following information:

  • Nominee's name, address, phone/email.
  • Details as to why they should be considered for this award.
  • Your name and contact details.


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Box 4000
Three Hills, AB T0M 2N0

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