Dear Prairie Alumni,

Grace and peace!!  Welcome!!  You may be wondering why the Prairie Alumni Association (PAA) exists!!  Well, most alumni associations are formed basically to encourage those who have benefitted in the past to give back to the institutions that invested so much in their training, so that others can reap those same benefits as well in the future.

And that is a very legitimate and wholesome expectation.  However, the PAA exists to go beyond that level of interaction.  Put very simply, the Prairie Alumni Association exists to serve you.  While you undoubtedly feel that you owe a 'debt of love' to Prairie and its staff, Prairie also wants to contribute to your continued spiritual growth and learning, since your training was not completed when you received your diploma.

And so the PAA exists to facilitate effective communication both ways between the Alumni & Friends of Prairie and the Institute itself.  Relevant and accurate information will be shared.  Prayer, encouragement, sharing, caring, connecting are all a part of this.  Of course, you will be encouraged to actively participate in the life of the Institute through prayer, through financial investment, the recruitment of new students, and the promotion of Prairie in your area.  But the PAA exists to serve you as well as to solicit your valued contribution to Prairie College.

Most respectfully yours,


Karl R Janzen,  Chairman
Prairie Alumni Association Executive Council


Prairie Bible Institute
Box 4000
Three Hills, AB T0M 2N0

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