Alumni Referral Bursary

The Alumni Referral Bursary has been created to provide alumni with tangible tools with which to aid our recruitment efforts. There is no cost to alumni who wish to participate. Prairie would be pleased to present a $1000 Alumni Referral Bursary to the student the alumnus nominates provided the following terms & conditions are met.

Deadlines are Jan. 2, 2016 (Winter Semester) and August 30, 2016( Fall Semester)


Terms & Conditions
1. The recipient must be a new student accepted and enrolled for the winter or fall 2016 semester. New is defined as never having been enrolled in an on-campus program at Prairie College.

2. In order to qualify, a Prairie alumnus is required to submit the Alumni Referral Bursary Nomination form online prior to January 2nd, 2016 (winter semester) or August 30, 2016 (fall semester). Forms submitted after this date will not be accepted and the student will not receive the bursary.

3. Only one Alumni Referral Bursary can be awarded to a student.

4. Prairie's new students who have been awarded a Prairie Pilot’s Athletics Scholarship, the Prairie Christian Academy Scholarship or the Community Life Award are not eligible for the Alumni Referral Bursary; however other bursaries and scholarships are in place for these individuals.

5. The bursary is dispersed in two equal payments over two semesters. For example a student would have $500 applied to their account in the fall semester and $500 applied in the winter semester.

6. In order to receive the bursary in the second semester, the student must have the previous semester’s account paid in full and must be a student in good standing.

7. Final acceptance of the nominee and distribution of the bursary, are the sole responsibility of Prairie Bible Institute.

For more information, please contact the Admissions Department at or 1-800-661-2425.


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