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Athletics Purpose

Prairie is committed to providing an excellent athletics experience that emphasizes, not only the physical nature of sports but the intellectual, interpersonal and spiritual aspects as well.



Prairie Pilots Athletics Mission:

Pilots Athletics strives towards athletic excellence, character development and spiritual transformation within a campus learning communityand competitive environment.


The Complete Athlete

The Complete Athlete is a specific focus of Prairie's athletics program that allows you to learn, be strengthened and encouraged to gorw in your understanding of servanthood, ministry, leadership and personal spiritual formation, as well as being a steward of your time and gifts. Participating in atheltics will allow you, a Prairie Pilots athlete, to discover these areas while participating as an ACAL athlete in a competitive format. Through all of this you will be better prepared for life outside of being a Pilots athlete, for whatever vocation and ministry God leads you into.

Ministry Opportunities

Sports are universal. Can you think of anyone who has never held an athletic ball of some sort? Prairie's educational focus on ministry training means that you will discover how to use sport as a ministry tool. Whether you find yourslef in the church gymnasium down the street, or in a far off land with nothing more than a soccer ball, you will come away from Prairie's athetics program with a knowledge of how to build community and reach people for Christ through the medium of Sport.

Contact us, for more information on Pilots Athletics, scholarships and recruitment opportunities.


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