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At Prairie chapel is important to the growth that we envision for students and staff alike. Corporate worship on our campus is a profound way to have our Christian educational experience be "life together." The core of what we desire for the community is primarily formed in worship.

The official mission of the Chapel Ministry is to glorify God and assist spiritual formation through corporate worship and edification of one another.

Student Chapel Responsibility (2015-16)

As stated in the Community Covenant, students have a responsibility to participate in intentionally designed spiritual formation practices at Prairie. 

Students are responsible to attend a minimum of 12 chapels each term. Chapels include:

Tuesday: Community Chapel
Prairie Students, Staff & Faculty

Hearing the Word and worshipping God together as a one group shapes the whole community.


Thursday: Greatest Needs Chapel
Mission and Ministry

Missions workers and workplace lay-people discuss the world's greatest needs. 
Followed by a prayer time organized by the Student Union.
Friday: Family Matters Chapel
Testimony and Encouragement

A place to hear how God is working in the lives of our students at Prairie.
This is a student led chapel focused on what matters to our community.
This chapel also includes time to pray for one another. 

 Note: Aviation students are responsible to attend daily chapels at the airport and Tuesday chapel on campus. 

Chapel Alternatives

Beginning your second year you may substitute the above chapels with either:

1. Wednesday Night Worship

2. Approved regular weekly Christian ministry commitment (e.g. teaching Sunday school or volunteering at a youth group). You will need work with your DSD and a ministry supervisor to develop appropriate accountability.

Beginning your third year you may additionally substitute the above chapels with:

Attending a chapel-like event in a context outside of Prairie. This event must further the understanding of God’s work in His world and/or have a clear emphasis on the reading, hearing, preaching or singing of God’s Word. You are required to receive previous DSD permission for this substitution and to ask the event organizer to sign a form to verify your attendance. 

This chapel substitute cannot include weekly church worship services. Local church congregational attendance and participation is required in addition to the college chapel requirements.

Chapel Monitoring and Accountability

You must sign in your record of attendance before 10:00am on the sheet provided at the chapel venue.

Chapel Requirement Consequences

If you fail to attend the minimum requirement of chapels (and/or assemblies, conferences, etc.) the consequence will be as follows:

1) Required to make the chapels up in the next term (if possible).
2) Failing that, complete a community service hour per required chapel that has been missed.
3) Failing that, you will be charged $50.00 for each missed hour and the formal discipline process will continue from the stage of leadership care-fronting.

Showing repeated unwillingness to meet these requirements will furthermore forfeit Student Development’s approval for Campus Leader's Bursary in future years.

Events and Assemblies Requirements (2015-16)

There are events that are required (and allow no alternatives) that sometimes fall within the chapel week schedule. Students are responsible to attend the Days of Prayer, Christian Life Week, Global Connections Conference, Student Development assemblies, Abuse Awareness assembly, Program assemblies, First Year assembly, Graduation assembly, Survey assembly, Recognition and Awards assemblies.

Community Chapel Podcasts

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Students covenant to faithfully participate in the times carved out for building a relationship with God. Chapel helps to order our busy lives around why we are really here. Special events related to the chapel ministry include Days of Prayer, Christian Life Week and Global Connections Conference.

You can join us for chapel when visiting and you can also hear the messages here.


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