Impact Investing

Our work with college students at Prairie involves discipleship and developing skills that prepare these young men and women to make a difference in a world that desperately needs to know Christ.  We seek to do that by providing

  • a strong biblical foundation
  • a model of a Christ-centered, healthy community
  • intentional discipleship that encourages personal transformation
  • relevant programs that prepare grads to meet the greatest needs of the world
  • awareness of God’s work around the globe and opportunities to get involved.

Thank you for co-investing to help us impact the lives that He is shaping at Prairie.

Elaine Maxwell, Director of Development

IT Giving ProjectEducation Fund

Why it Matters: Investing in students is a high-impact strategy with long-term gains for the Kingdom of God. Scholarships are an integral part of keeping education affordable at Prairie College. Your donations to the Education Fund will allow many students to benefit. For the first time ever, we are partnering with Prison Fellowship Canada and offering Bible college training at Alberta’s Bowden Institution beginning in January 2016.

How Much it Costs: $363,500

What’s Happening: We wish to impact students through the funding of 4 types of scholarships: Recruitment, Retention, Leadership and Prison scholarships. Recruitment scholarships help skilled athletes and those with alumni referrals. Retention scholarships are used to encourage high quality students to enroll in a longer program and come back to school for a second year. Our Campus Leadership Bursary (CLB) provides aid to students in leadership positions, allowing them to practice leadership, take ownership in campus life, and enhance their CV. The Prison scholarships will provide for the tuition expenses not covered by Prison Fellowship Canada for men at Bowden Institution. They will take 5 of the bible immersion courses from the Gap year Encounter program..

IT Giving ProjectCampus Rejuvenation Fund

Why It Matters:  Our primary focus for fundraising this year will be repairing the floor of our Athletic Centre. Please see Buy a Board project for more details. Planning is in process for a 20 year vision for our campus. First steps to this project will include installing current HVAC systems for each building, installing campus wide fibre optics for relevant internet technology and removal of abandoned buildings.

How Much It Costs:  $200,000

What’s Happening: In the summer of 2015, $203,000 was raised by generous donors. This allowed Stage 2 of the Music and Worship Arts Centre to be completed along with the upgrading of hallways and stairwells in Davidson Apartments.

IT Giving ProjectProgram Development Fund

Why It Matters:  In order to maintain a high standard of training, we want to upgrade our Health Care Laboratories for our Practical Nursing and Emergency Medical Technician programs. These programs require well-resourced rooms with technically up to date equipment so that the health care students can experience real-life scenarios in a lab setting.

How Much It Costs:  $70,000

What’s Happening:  The goal for 2015 is to purchase 2 high-fidelity simulators and audio visual equipment for a Practical Nurse Simulation Lab. The student nurse experience in the lab can be recorded and played back in order to improve skills and allow for self-evaluation. In 2016, we plan to install a double EMT lab, which will include all the equipment found in a typical ambulance, an EMT training mannequin, and emergency room equipment. Prairie’s health care programs are increasingly popular and we have full enrolment for this school year.

Buy a Board ThumbnailBuy A Board Project

Why It Matters: Prairie's Athletic Centre hardwood floor is in desperate need of repair. The hardwood has compacted over 20 years of extremely high usage and is damaged in several areas. Athletics is highly valued at Prairie as it encourages team work, requires discipline and builds community on campus. These facets are also translatable to effective membership in the body of Christ.

How Much It Costs:
$100,000 | $10 a board.

What’s Happening: Replacing the hardwood gym floor of Rick Down Athletic Center (RDAC) with advanced flooring technology.

When: Completed by the end of 2016.

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