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Graduand Accounts

  • Graduands who have amounts owing on their student accounts are requested to have them paid in full in preparation for graduation.
  • Please see Doug Johnson if you have any questions regarding your account.

Grad Chapel Presentation

Grad Invitation

  • Please share the above schedule with your family and friends! Any main event is open for people to take part in!

Graduation Banquet & Baccalaureate

  • Please buy your tickets by April 18th to reserve your tickets. Grads can pick up their $FREE ticket at the Info Desk with Lydia or upstairs with Kaitlynn. Grad's spouses are 50% off. $25 for additional family members. Family can buy online at the link here or through you on campus. Please choose between Ribs or Chicken as your main meat entrée.
  • We encourage you, your friends, family, and honored guests to join us for the duration of the banquet & baccalaureate, but if absolutely necessary, additional guests may join us for the Baccalaureate program starting at 7:15pm.

Pinning Rehearsal

  • Nursing graduands need to attend.
  • Time & Place: Wednesday, April 20 at 5:45pm in the North Auditorium

Baccalaureate Rehearsal

  • Participants are asked to attend.
  • Details to be announced.

Commencement Practice

  • Attendance is mandatory if you plan to participate in the Graduation Ceremonies on Saturday.
  • To avoid misunderstanding and unnecessary disappointment, please organize your travel plans and personal events accordingly.
  • The seating arrangment for Commencement will be given out at the practice.
  • Please contact Elaine Maxwell if it is impossible for you to attend  (  or call 403.443.5511 x 3730)
  • Practice is Friday, April 22 and begins 1:30pm in the RDAC

Dress Code

  • Ladies – dark dress, dress pants or skirt, high collar preferred (white looks best with the hood), dark nylons and dark dress shoes, (no running shoes, sandals or hiking boots).
  • Men – dark dress slacks, dark dress shoes (no running shoes, sandals or hiking boots), long sleeved white shirt, tie.
  • All Grads – Please carry a Bible

Grad Gowns

  • Pick up your cap & gown after the Commencement Practice on Friday in the downstairs Maxwell Centre Boardroom.
  • Return your gown and hood by 5:45pm after graduation to the downstairs boardroom. (Plastic wrappings do not need to be returned.)
  • If the gown and hood are not returned, you will be charged $100.
  • The cap and tassel are yours to keep. 

Caps & Tassels

  • To keep from blocking your neighbour’s face, please wear the cap so that the mortarboard is level.
  • Please try your cap on ahead of time. If it comes too far down on your forehead, make a tuck in the cap with a straight pin so it will fit properly.
  • Removing Caps: Men are asked to remove caps for prayer, performing, and speaking (leave it at your seat). Ladies may leave caps on.
  • Undergrad tassels will be on the right side before Graduation and moved to the left later in the ceremony when the President indicates.

Commencement Line-Up Instructions

  • Sat., Apr. 23 @ 1:15pm, in the Atrium with your gown, hood, and cap on.
  • Call to attention at 1:45pm
  • Line up in your seating order.
  • We will pray, then move quickly to the RDAC. 

Recessional & Reception

  • Immediately following the Commencement Ceremony, please move towards the reception in the Dining Hall. You've graduated!




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