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Three Hills Capital - 23 Sept, 2015
"Open house showcases recording studio" by David Nadeau [web]

St. Thomas Times-Journal - July 29, 2015
"Melissa Otten of St. Thomas is back home after a nine-month, globe-spanning trek that made provided opportunities to make a difference" by Jennifer Bieman [web]

Edmonton Journal - Aug 3, 2013
"Prairie Bible school put Alberta on the map" by Mario Toneguzzi [web]

Christian Week - Aug 2013
"Nursing as a Christian Calling" by Allison Barron [pdf]

Christian Week - June 2013
"Innovative programs shape students for ministry and careers" by Peter Mal [pdf]

Christian Week - April 2013
"But will it get me a job" by Dr. Steve Ibbotson" [pdf]

Drumheller Mail - Oct 17, 2012
"Rotary and local nurse deliver needed medicine to India's lowest class" [web]

Three Hills Capital - October 3, 2012
"Sarah McReynolds leaves on 9-month Globe TREK" by Grant Alford [web]

Calgary Herald - September 27, 2012
"Student Departs for GlobeTREK" by Bryce Forbes [web]

Dalit Freedom Network - September 7, 2012
"Canadian Nursing Students Visit India" [pdf]

City Light News - March, 2012
"Transporting the love of Christ around the world" by Peter Mal [pdf]

Christian Week - December 7, 2011

"Prairie responds: unconventional leadership amid abuse allegations" by Peter Mal [web]

Swerve Calgary - September 23, 2011
"For the Love of God" by Jeremy Klaszus [web]

Goal Achievers Radio - September 04, 2011
"From Bay Street to Bible School" by Phil R Taylor [web audio]

Christian Week - July 01, 2011
"Prairie Preps Students to Meet World's Greatest Needs" [pdf]

Three Hills Capital newspaper - September 09, 2010
"Lives Changed at Home and Around the World" by David Nadeau [pdf]

Christian Week - August 01, 2010
"Prairie Bible College sharpens its edge" by Dayna Elizabeth Mazzuca [pdf]

Options Magazine
"Bit by the bug" by Nick Swaim [pdf]

LPN News & Views - Volume 21 Issue 4
"The Nurse's Calling" by Chris Fields [pdf]

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