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Bachelor in Marketplace Ministry

A Four-Year Program in Two Years (120 credits)
Program Coordinator: Kelly Steffen

The Bachelor’s in Marketplace Ministry is an innovative “2+2” degree program that allows learners to transfer two years of a vocational diploma program, enabling them to complete the degree in only two additional years. Those interested in this program can either complete the required Prairie courses before or after they complete the vocational diploma program.

Who is this Program For?

Students who would most benefit from this degree include:

  • Those who have previous vocational training and plan to pursue a second-career ministry training.
  • Those who sense their vocation and calling in the marketplace within a North American context.
  • Those who are planning on serving in missions outside of North America and who desire to use a specific vocational skill set as either a doorway to ministry or a platform for service.

Program Requirements

All courses are three credits unless indicated otherwise.

Bible & Theology Major (30 credits)
NT 112 Reading the Gospels & Acts
NT 221 Reading Paul’s Letters
NT 251 Reading Hebrews to Revelation
OT 112 Reading the Torah
OT 221 Reading the Historical Books
OT 243 Reading the Psalms & Wisdom Literature
OT 353 Reading the Prophets
ST 100 The Christian Life
TH 100 Introduction to Christian Theology
TH 210 The God of the Gospel OR
     TH 211 Creation to New Creation

Arts & Sciences Core (36 credits)
AS 400 Integrative Seminar
HF 111 Thinking & Writing
SS 170 Christianity in the 21st Century World
HF/SS electives (6 cr)
HF/SS electives 200 level (9 cr)
HF/SS electives 300 level (3 cr)
SS 261 Leadership Foundations
AS by transfer credit (6 cr)*

Major (54 credits)
The major is fulfilled by transfer credit*

* For those who complete a vocational diploma program prior to coming to Prairie, the program and courses are reviewed by the Registrar's Office once a transcript has been submitted as part of the regular admissions process. For those who attend Prairie prior to completing a vocational diploma, the applicant will need to provide an educational plan to be approved by the Registrar’s Office as part of the admissions process.


Partnerships with Olds and Bow Valley Colleges

Prairie is pleased to partner with Olds College and Bow Valley College so that graduates of their 2-year vocational programs can benefit from a seamless transition to Prairie's Marketplace Ministry program. A student may transfer a diploma from the selected partner college programs listed on the right into Prairie’s Marketplace Degree. This transfer can be done from Prairie to Olds or Bow Valley, or from Olds or Bow Valley to Prairie. Two-year vocational diplomas from other colleges may also be eligible for transfer. Please check with the Registrar. The Marketplace degree program is offered solely by Prairie College.

Standards for Admission and Completion

  • Students must meet Prairie's academic standards for admission.
  • In order to graduate, students must furnish proof of graduation from a vocational major program at sending institution.
  • Students may take the two years of major courses at any time—before beginning this degree, between the two years at Prairie, or after those two years.
  • Students must complete the vocational major program within five years of their last attendance at Prairie.
  • A grade of C- or higher is required in each course transferred.
  • Students may transfer additional courses that apply to the program, provided they meet the residence requirement.
  • Students on this program are eligible for the Campus Leaders Bursary Program (CLB) when they meet the CLB program's requirements.


For costs and breakdown of fees click here.

Variations in costs are dependent on scholarships, number of tuition credits taken, Campus Leaders Bursary, and transfer credits.

For Financial Aid click here.


Tuition Fees:
On this schedule tuition fees are based on 15 credits/semester.


College Services Fees include:

Student Union, printing, fitness, intra-mural, technology, library, orientation, & spiritual formation fees. 


Room & Board:

Residence double occupancy

Refundable Residence Damage Deposit:  $250


Costs not included:


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Transferable Olds College Diplomas

Agriculture & Heavy Equipment
Agriculture Management
Animal Health Technology
Business Administration
Costume Cutting & Construction
Horticulture Technology
Arboriculture (Tree Care)
Landscape Management
Equine Science
Farrier Science
Apparel Technology
Land Agent
Land and Water Resources
Environmental Stewardship
Land Reclamation
Turfgrass Management

Transferable Bow Valley Diplomas

Business Administration
Practical Nursing
Pharmacy Technician
Justice Studies
Legal Assistant
Interior Decorating
Early Learning Childcare
Disability Studies
Aboriginal Addiction Counselling 

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