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April 27, 2015

Prairie has changed the name of its undergraduate schools to Prairie College. “Our name has long been a challenge to overseas students wanting to study here as well as to our graduates hoping to work in ‘difficult access’ countries,” shares Mark Maxwell, President. “Our name should not stand in their way.”

In recent years Prairie Bible Institute has evolved into three separate schools: Prairie Bible College, Prairie College of Applied Arts & Technology and Prairie School of Mission Aviation. The school’s administration believes that it is time to bring them together.

The simplified name will serve as an umbrella for all programs, whether ministry or vocational. It will also allow graduates to have greater acceptance into professional opportunities and further education. Finally, it will make it easier for foreign students to get visas to study at Prairie while allowing graduates easier access to other countries.

The risk in doing this is that by taking “Bible” out of the name, Prairie will be accused of lessening its commitment to the Word of God when, in fact, the opposite is true. “Beginning this fall we are expanding our Bible coverage so that every four-year graduate will study all sixty-six books of the Bible,” Mark explains. “This is an exceptional accomplishment putting Prairie among very few schools in North America that teach the whole of the Scriptures.”

For the foreseeable future Prairie Bible Institute will remain as the corporate name, but Prairie College will become the brand that will be built around the school. “In other words,” says Mark, “this name better serves our mission while still honouring our ninety-two year heritage and core value of Bible-centered education.”

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