Many Opportunities & Many Thanks (April 30, 2013)

With an organization as large as Prairie Bible Institute, there is no shortage of projects that are in need of support.  We are very grateful to our alumni and friends who, just within the last year, have allowed us to make some significant improvements on campus.  

Some of these projects have had a noticeable impact, like the recent donation of an airplane to Prairie School of Mission Aviation and professional video equipment to the Digital Media program.  Other needs are less visible, but no less important. Examples of these initiatives include the Founders Hall windows, Davidson Apartment roof and residence boiler replacement projects.  None of these would have been possible without significant donations of time, materials and finances. Thank-you!

Over the past year we have made a conscious effort to share these opportunities with the broader Prairie community. As we’ve been making the needs known, we have heard from many of our friends and are grateful for the responses we’ve received. An overwhelming theme is “thank you for letting us know what you need.”

We continue to share our current and ongoing projects with the hope that our alumni and friends will be informed well-enough to consider donating personally or sharing some of these needs with others who may be able to help.  

Current projects include areas such as health care, missions, technology and residence renovations. Learn more about Prairie’s current and recently completed projects at 

Thank you to each of our friends and partners in ministry.

Elaine Maxwell
Director of Development & Finance



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