Prairie Clarifies Its Position on “Historical Adam”
August 25, 2014

During a recent review of Prairie Bible Institute’s Statement of Faith, the Board of Directors clarified that the school’s interpretation of the Statement includes the understanding of Adam and Eve as real, historical people.  Prairie’s Board believes that the historicity of Adam and Eve is affirmed in the document and is an important underpinning for other parts of the Statement.  According to Prairie’s bylaws the Board members, Management Team, and faculty members are required to agree with the tenets of the Statement.  Professors have the freedom to present various views in the classroom but in the end they are asked to believe and teach the positions that are in line with Prairie’s Statement of Faith.

Dr. Anthony Siegrist, Associate Professor of Christian Theology, holds the view that the historicity of Adam and Eve is neither theologically central nor something that can be known for certain. In his estimation it is unlikely that these biblical characters existed as historical figures.  There are also differences between Dr. Siegrist and the Board over how best to approach the issue in the classroom.  It is with regret that the school has decided not to renew Dr. Siegrist’s contract after June 30, 2015.

Dr. Siegrist’s commitment to the gospel, his character, and his performance are not at issue.  He says, "I am saddened by the decision the Board has made on this issue, but I remain thankful for my time as a member of the Prairie community.  I was originally invited to join the faculty in 2007 while in the middle of my doctoral studies at the University of Toronto.  Since that initial appointment the college has become a valued part of the life of my family as well.  I am thankful that President Maxwell has invited me to remain on faculty this fall and encouraged my research fellowship at the Collegeville Institute to go forward this winter.  My family and I will miss the  wonderful students, colleagues, and friends that we have come to know in Three Hills.”

Mark Maxwell, Prairie's president, said, “I personally appreciate Dr. Siegrist’s many talents and value his friendship.  He is held in high regard and will be deeply missed by his colleagues and students.”

Dr. Anthony Siegrist, Associate Professor of Christian Theology
Dr. John Grassmick, Board Chair
Mark L. Maxwell, President


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