Intruder in Prairie Residence
August 17, 2014

During the early morning hours of Sunday, August 17, 2014 an intruder broke into our residence. From what we understand, the suspect proceeded to make contact with several students, touching limbs and asking for sexual favours. The RCMP issued a release reporting that, “so far, investigation indicates that none of the victims have been physically injured during the incident.”

The RCMP were on campus by approximately 7:00 AM. Students were evacuated from the residence while the RCMP conducted a search and gathered evidence. At approximately 1:00 PM, the residence was re-opened and students were able to return. Victim Services has been on campus and has made themselves available for processing and counselling. 

We have kept the students informed throughout the day as best we can. We have encouraged them to be in contact with their families to inform them first-hand of the day’s events.   

It is unsettling that this incident occurred during the freshman orientation weekend. We are, however, grateful for the quick RCMP response and the way students, who are new to this community, have worked together with Police and rallied around one another. We are grateful for God’s providential care in the middle of this crisis and anticipate His healing in the days ahead, especially for victims.

We have notified all staff and faculty. We are taking these incidents very seriously. It is our intention to fully cooperate with officials and to press charges in accordance with the law.

The RCMP are actively investigating and have released an alert which can be found here.

(Edited August 18, 2014 to remove photo as suspect turned himself in)


Mark Maxwell, President



Peter Mal, Managing Director, Communications




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