Raving Fans Tour Concludes

September 27, 2010

THREE HILLS, AB—Mark Maxwell, President of Prairie Bible Institute along with Director of Development Wayne Nelson and humourist Phil Callaway recently returned from Prairie’s first ever Raving Fans Tour.

Wayne Nelson, Prairie’s enthusiastic Director of Development says that “visiting 5 cities in a week is ambitious, but it is crucial that we stay in touch and listen to friends in these cities”. The tour, created to raise awareness of the school and where it is going, held events in Three Hills, Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna & Abbotsford. “It was evident that our alumni and friends in attendance, care deeply about PBI and wanted to meet Mark. They listened, asked good questions and I am sure we left with having passionate fans in each of these cities” Wayne continues, “without the support of ‘Raving Fans’, their prayers and advocacy over the years Prairie would not be alive and making an impact today”.

“Visiting friends in these key venues was a start”, says Mark Maxwell, “I hope that we can do events like this in other parts of N. America. I am excited about our alumni and friends becoming more engaged in what is happening here, in particular, the re-organization of Prairie’s Alumni Association and regional coordinators really makes my heart sing. The Prairie family is large and spread out all over the world. I say, it’s time for a reunion”.

This video was shown during each of the events and include short statements of support from various groups and individuals.


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Prairie was founded in 1922 when L.E. Maxwell arrived to teach the Bible to 8 local farm kids. The school quickly grew and now has more than 16,000 alumni in 114 countries. Today, Prairie is a leading centre of higher education for Christians. Prairie equips students to achieve their life, ministry and career purpose and to fulfill their role in the Body of Christ.


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