Prairie Declares Campus Dalit Freedom Zone

June 4, 2010

THREE HILLS, AB—Mark Maxwell, newly appointed President of Prairie Bible Institute, recently shared an official statement that proclaims solidarity with one of the world’s most oppressed people groups.

“IN SOLIDARITY with the oppressed people of the world, we, the Prairie community in Three Hills, Alberta, wish to declare our campus to be a Dalit Freedom Zone. We choose to identify with the most oppressed and underprivileged people of the world and welcome all races and nationalities onto our campus… AS EQUALS.”

The Dailts are the “untouchables” of India and are powerless to change their status in society. Dalits are trapped in a caste system that keeps them in a vicious cycle of poverty. Dalits are destined to the most menial of labour and are denied access to public water wells, public parks, basic medical services and education. Many of them don’t even have a name.

Since 1922, God has used Prairie Bible Institute to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that the Almighty has chosen to bring reconciliation and harmony in the world through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, using the local church or one of its many ministries or through global missions. We believe we are called to be activists: speaking in word or action into world issues such as justice, abuse and poverty – as Christians. We believe that we are called to lives of service and selflessness, even to the point of sacrifice when it is for the good of others.

“Declaring our campus a Dalit Freedom Zone is a start”, says Mark Maxwell, “We feel it is one small way we can help bring reconciliation and harmony to the world”. He goes on to say “in India thousands of Dalits are gaining access to basic services, education, health care and the Gospel though organizations such as OM and the Dalit Freedom Network. We stand with them and open ourselves and our campus to them”.


Mark Maxwell discusses the plight of the Dalit people of India and the ongoing work that is being done to bring hope and reconciliation.

For more information, contact the Presidents Office:

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