Fire Destroys Power Plant

June 1, 2009

At approximately 6:15am on June 1st smoke was detected coming from Prairie’s power plant building and the Fire Department was called. Within minutes Three Hills Emergency Services were on the scene. By 6:30am the building was completely engulfed. Trochu and Linden Fire Departments were called and provided assistance. At 8:30am the majority of the building was gone and crews were still on scene fighting the remnants of the fire into the afternoon.

 “Our first concern was for the safety of those involved. No one was hurt in the blaze and no emergency workers were injured. We are extremely grateful for that,” states Prairie’s President Dr. Jon Ohlhauser. “Our next priority is to take care of the people affected by this – those who lost power to their homes. We are doing everything we can to get power restored as soon as possible.”

Housed in the Power Plant building are the boilers that provide heat to Prairie’s campus, as well as the main power distribution centre. As a result power was lost to the homes in Prairie Heights, Mobile Park, and the high school and elementary school buildings. Prairie’s campus  is also without heat and power, with the exception of the Maxwell Centre which is on a separate power grid. Alberta’s primary power provider of electrical services (ATCO) has been on scene and is working to restore power to those effected. Prairie has no phone or internet service until power is restored.

Prairie is in full cooperation with officials for the testing of air quality and hazardous materials. No further information is available regarding this at this time.

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