Prairie Bible Institute Application Surge

May 18, 2011

After a significant decline in student enrollment from 2004-2009, last year saw the numbers flatten out. The enrollment outlook for 2011 is very positive.

Peter Mal, Managing Director, Marketing & Enrollment shares that “New student application activity has brought an increase of 100 applications (September through April) which has translated to 40% more active applications and almost double the confirmation deposits when compared to last year.”

When asked what has made the difference, Mark Maxwell, President of Prairie Bible Institute is quick to deflect any praise. “God continues to be faithful. This last year has been about building trust and returning to our roots of Bible-centered education. Our alumni, students, staff & faculty have been some of our greatest advocates and that has made a huge difference.” He goes on to say that “We have made a strong commitment to teach the great truths of the Bible–the whole of it, to challenge students to know Christ and make Him known, to use this campus well and be transparent in the process. These four commitments stand out as anchoring points over the last year and I believe they have been well received.”

While some programs including Aviation, Explore (Wilderness Leadership), Discover (Intercultural Studies & Leadership) and many PCAAT programs including Practical Nursing, have capped enrollments, at this time, there are only a handful of spots still available in some of these programs. Peter encourages students “to apply right away, as in some cases we have more applications than available seats. Even if students are interested in a program that has capacity, applying sooner ensures that we can minimize any last minute paper-work and preparation.”

Prairie’s online application takes only a few minutes and is free of charge until June 1 after which a late application fee is charged.

When asked about next year, Mark can’t wait. “It’s empty and lonely around here in the spring and summer. I didn’t realize how much I’d miss the students until after graduation. I am looking forward to an amazing year where students will encounter God’s Word, know their Saviour more deeply and be transformed to make Him known wherever they go next”.

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