Prairie informs RCMP of allegations

Recently, there have been presented alleged instances of abuse by individuals connected with Prairie.

To the extent of our information, the incidents in question date back several decades, and the individuals
purportedly involved are no longer at Prairie. Nevertheless, we feel it is appropriate to respond and to
emphasize our commitment to seeking truth and transparency.

We have taken a file containing many of these allegations to the RCMP, discussed the alleged incidents with
them and assured them of our full co-operation should further inquiry be necessary.

Should any individual feel that he or she has been the recipient of abusive conduct by a Prairie staff member
while enrolled at Prairie and prefer to not take this to the police, that individual can contact Mark Maxwell
directly at, he will then pass that information on to the most available board member.
Our board chair, Bruce Miller, will also be so informed and will provide guidance as necessary. The board recognizes
the seriousness of any potential allegations and would desire to achieve healing and reconciliation.

In partnership with our students, staff, faculty and alumni, our objective is to provide a school environment that
is healthy and vibrant, giving life to all who come our way. As we work our way through this difficult issue,
my goal as President is to deal with this in an open and accessible manner.

Together with you, seeking truth and restoration,

Mark L. Maxwell
Prairie College

November 15, 2011

This statment was edited on December 3rd 2011

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