Management Team Update
by Mark Maxwell
Sept 12, 2012

Late this summer we shifted a few people around on the Management Team.

Wayne Nelson – As you know, Wayne Nelson served us well as Director of Development for more than two years and feels it is a good time to go back into the business world.  He left us at the end of August, finishing with a Grand Slam month that included an excellent Homecoming, strong presence at the Three Hills Centennial, and then helping on the team that installed the new windows in Founders Hall.  I would say we will miss him tremendously, except that he assured me he isn’t leaving us – Lydia is staying here to continue helping us with the front desk (and will be providing leadership to the service component of Impact groups) and Wayne still intends to help around campus on our very important team of volunteers.
Glenn Loewen – Glenn has provided excellent leadership as Dean of Spiritual Formation for many years.  Over the past year Glenn stepped up to co-ordinate the three schools as our Dean of Education.  His excellent leadership surfaced immediately as he helped Mike Fox at PSMA (Prairie School of Mission Aviation) while Mike worked through the repositioning of the school and uniting that team around their mission in concert with the other Prairie schools.  He is now going to focus on PCAAT (Prairie College of Applied Arts and Technology) giving special emphasis on bringing that school closer into the overall Prairie community. Glenn continues as a Managing Director as Dean of Spiritual Formation and Dean of Education.
Kevin Peters – Kevin served us well last year as the Lead Dean of PBC (Prairie Bible College).  This year, with Beth Mackenzie and Douglas Lewis offering continuity, Glenn is giving PBC more of his time.  Kevin is planning to focus on the next “chapter” of his doctoral dissertation (which we believe has large value both to him and to us as a school).  For this next year, Kevin’s plan is to lead our ABHE accreditation renewal and to focus on research so he will be primarily on sabbatical.  Glenn Loewen will take a more active role in providing leadership to the Bible College.
Peter Mal – Peter is going to focus on his first love, marketing and communication which will include web site and campus technology (PITS and AV will finally be under one hat). Peter continues to carry the title of Managing Director, Marketing, Enrolment and Technology.
Pamela Fraser – Pamela will continue to look after Enrolment but added “Re-Enrolment” to her portfolio about 6 months ago.  She is responsible for all-school enrolment, both new students and returning students across all three colleges. Pamela continues as Director of Student Enrolment, reporting to Peter Mal.
Elaine Maxwell – Elaine has served as Director of Finance and the department's objective has been to be Helpful, Accurate and Timely (a HAT trick).  The problem with having Elaine looking after Finance is the potential for collusion between her and me in the two roles we hold.  To manage that risk, we checked both with our Board and with our Auditor before going ahead and then we had Elaine report to Wayne.  Elaine is now working on having others do the data-entry, which further reduces the risk of collusion between us and frees up some of her time.
With Wayne leaving, we have wondered if she would be able to add Development to her portfolio, with a special focus on building relationships with larger donors.  This is primarily a responsibility for a president so we would be able to work on it together.  In addition, many of these large donors would be the same people we dealt with regularly in our previous life in the investment management industry.  After checking with various people on our Management Team, our Board, our Auditor and our Lawyer, we found endorsement of the role.  For many reasons, best practice in governance is to not have spouses report to one another.  We explored ideas of having Elaine report directly to the Board, report to the Chair, share the Office of the President with me, or report directly to Glenn Loewen and indirectly to me.  With the collective input from many, we have chosen the last option. So Elaine is now Managing Director, Development and Finance, reporting to Glenn Loewen.
The remaining members of our Management Team are having no change in their portfolios at this time:  Art Krahn will continue to look after our plant and facilities (reporting to me, now that Wayne has left), Mike Fox continues as the Director and Chief Flight Instructor of PSMA (Prairie School of Mission Aviation),  Douglas Lewis will continue as our Registrar and helping in the “Office of the Dean” at PBC, and Marion Greene continues as the Assistant to the President and Secretary for the Management Team.

If you have any questions about our management team or the roles listed here you can contact me or the individuals listed above directly.


Mark Maxwell

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