Planned Giving

Take advantage of opportunities to enjoy both eternal and earthly rewards. Did you know that your investment in the lives of Prairie students can also benefit your family by providing tax benefits for your estate?

By remembering Prairie in your final estate, you can take advantage of significant tax benefits while considerably blessing our ministry. Contact the Development Office to request a Will-Planning Guide.

Charitable Gift Annuities have become an attractive option providing a guaranteed fixed income for people of retirement age. There is an immediate sizable charitable tax receipt and in most cases the income is tax free. At death, the remainder of the Annuity capital becomes a gift to Prairie’s ministry. Contact our Director of Planned Giving for further information.

Revocable Deposit Agreement
An RDA allows you to invest in Prairie while receiving a market value return on your money. Prairie benefits by receiving any additional profits that are earned beyond the return guaranteed to you. Enjoy the flexibility of being able to cancel at any time and receive 100% of your principal immediately. Contact our Director of Planned Giving for further information.

Life Insurance
There are three ways to benefit from planned giving involving life insurance:

  1. Include a clause in your will stating that the insurance proceeds be directed to Prairie. Your estate will receive a tax benefit to help offset final estate taxes.
  2. Name Prairie as the beneficiary and owner of your policy. You will receive a tax receipt for the full value of each premium you pay, which will help offset your annual income taxes.
  3. Purchase a 'paid -up policy' naming Prairie as the irrevocable owner. Receive a tax receipt for the full value of the policy.

Contact our Director of Planned Giving for further information.

Stocks and Securities (Canadian friends)
Capital gains inclusion rate eliminated!
When you donate shares to Prairie, you will no longer be subject to capital gains tax on the gift of shares. You will also still be entitled to receive a charitable tax receipt for the market value of the gift. Contact the Development Office for more information.

Gift Matching
Did you know that hundreds of companies offer gift-matching programs? Don’t miss out on this opportunity to maximize your gift. Contact your employer's human resources office to find out if your company matches employee donations.

Gifts in Kind
When you transfer ownership of real estate and real property to Prairie, you can receive a tax-deductable receipt for the assessed value. A qualified, independent third party is required to determine the value of the property before a tax receipt can be issued. Contact the Development Office for more information.


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