Student Success

The primary mission of the Student Success team is to love God personally and communally with all our heart, soul, mind and strength by facilitating and modeling godly academic and holistic achievement in all students.

Prairie acknowledges and embraces the fact that our students come from wide and varied educational backgrounds. Therefore, Student Success is available to all students who wish to improve their academic experience, allowing them to achieve greater academic performance and personal fulfillment.


Location: T.S. Rendall Library (in Founders Hall)
Hours: Monday & Thursday, 4:15-5:30pm

Bill Nyman    
Veronica Lewis


  • Connecting students with quality tutors and assistance
  • Aid, advice and advocacy from Student Success personnel
  • Academic success resources and information
  • Time management
  • Assignment editing & guidance
  • Test preparation
  • Learning disability aid & advocacy
  • Class and academic life assistance
  • Academic probation monitoring
  • Professor communication aid
  • Test taking skills
  • Reading techniques
  • Academic life
  • Memorization skills
  • Study assistance


Writing & Research Handbook
Writing a Thesis
Intro's & Conclusions
Verbs Used to Introduce Sources
Critical Review
Be Concise


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